Author: Terry Forde

Walking the Walk

At Adventist Healthcare, we are being more explicit in not only how we “talk the talk” but also how we are seeking to “walk the walk.” Our patients and their families deserve this kind of care—and we are a better organization as a result.

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The Procedure

We commit to hold ourselves to the highest standards of speech and conduct toward all people with whom we interact, regardless of their condition, gender, race, nationality, socioeconomic status, faith, or sexual orientation—and, as in this case, their age or size.

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Every Lamb Matters

It’s not the fact that the lamb is lost that makes the lamb important—it’s that the shepherd LOVES that little lamb.  And the shepherd loves all of his lambs and sheep in just that way.What I learned from this story, even from childhood, is that every lamb matters.

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Personal and Absolute

It’s not enough to just say the words; we must live them. Personal and absolute faithfulness means that the promises we make become the promises we keep.

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Health Risk Assessments

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