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Life after Armstrong

If I have a wish on this 50th anniversary, it is that some of that wonder and awe would express itself in how we view each other and how we care for this planet, our only home.

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Lessons from the Women’s World Cup Champions

This column is about teamwork. As an organization, the US Women’s National Soccer Team can help us focus our attention on the role of committed and energetic teamwork in the pursuit of achieving our mission and goals.

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The Self-evident Celebration

In the great tradition of Abraham Lincoln, let us not allow the July 4 celebrations to be mostly about firecrackers. Let us instead recall and reclaim the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

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Remember that Verse?

I’m thankful for the way in which faith prompts and guides our daily lives. I’m thankful for these little bits of scripture that help bring God’s care and calling into focus. My prayer is that the verses we have learned will provide direction for the way we should live.

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Father’s Day 2019

It is Father’s Day this weekend—the opportunity to reflect with gratitude on those who nurtured in us the extraordinarily important talents, skills, and strategies required for success in life.

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After D-Day

On this, the 75th anniversary of D-Day, let our admiration and respect for the sacrifices of the courageous souls who fought in Normandy remain bright and undimmed. Let us recall them in their vigor and youthfulness, with a clear memory of what they risked and gave for freedom.

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Lessons from Choosing a Watermelon

Like watermelon, good friendships take a while to develop—and the sweetest ones have been given a chance to mature a bit. Relationships that sweeten over time are the ones we cherish the most.

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Memorial Day 2019

It is with humble gratitude that we regard the gifts of freedom that have been won so dearly. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who make our democracy possible. We are forever in their debt.

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Things I’ve Learned about Binge-watchers

From binge-watchers we learn that there is always a bigger story that even small things contribute to. We learn that complex isn’t a challenge, but confusion is. And we learn that relationships are primary.  All of these insights contribute to the healing of our patients and our effectiveness in fulfilling our life-enriching mission.

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