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The Path of Hope

At this moment, when there is so much uncertainty in the world, I love the idea that hope is a path. Our hopes endure each day because we are not walking alone; there are others walking this path with us and sharing the journey.

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Remembering Rev. C.T. Vivian  (1924-2020)

By 1965, voter registration among Black citizens had become the focal point and rallying cry for the civil rights movement. Led by activists, organizers, and preachers, it had become clear that if change were to come it would not just be through legal action and legislation but at the ballot box. Registering voters became paramount.

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The Global Rescue Effort

Adventist HealthCare’s President and CEO, Terry Forde, reflects on how groups of people deal with difficult circumstances—especially those over which they have little or no control, as this pandemic continues on.

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That Nothing Be Lost

The battle against COVID-19 is long and difficult and not even close to being won.  As fatigue sets in, as frustration mounts and the task seems impossible, it is important to recognize the way in which God has strengthened us, blessed us, and provided for us.

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Independence Day, 2020

As you seek ways to safely celebrate this Independence Day holiday, remember the ideals to which we are called as a people and as a nation and remember the sacrifices that have been made for freedom.

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Fathers of Hope

Fathers are the authors of hope. We hope that how we do the things we need to learn will be acceptable. Fathers not only accept it, they run with it and basically convey to us that we are going to make it as humans.

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Juneteenth 2020

While it stands as a symbol for freedom, Juneteenth also stands as a testament to the continuing impact of slavery on our society. It is a call to action for all Americans to confront the underlying issues in our society and culture that have allowed slavery and it’s sad legacy to continue to shape and influence us.

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How June 11, 1963, Still Challenges Us

When we affirm that Black Lives Matter and seek to match the power of those words with meaningful engagement, renewed commitments, and defiant determination, it is with the events of June 11, 1963, well within our vision. There is much we can learn from those historic events. They contain examples of bravery, courage, and determination that still inspire us today.

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Lament and Blessing

God’s presence and power is not constrained by darkness. When voices are raised against injustice, God hears. Nothing can stop the dawn. Blessed are those who speak out boldly! Not with fear, but with soundness, and with power, and with love.

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