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Bring Me Word

Just imagine what you can do when you know that your life is always in the extraordinary and generous care of a God who loves you!

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We Did It!

Our Adventist HealthCare family really came through on Sunday, when we moved all of our patients from Washington Adventist Hospital to the new White Oak Medical Center.

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Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Hope

The ribbon-cutting for the Adventist HealthCare White Oak Medical Center  took place on Thursday. It was an incredible day for our community and all those who have worked so tirelessly to achieve this milestone.

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A Future with Hope!

As we open the White Oak Medical Center, and as the goal we have worked towards for so many years becomes a reality, my continued prayer is for God’s blessing and guidance. May we be ever mindful of the sacred opportunities we have to embody “a future with hope.”

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Every Day an Ebenezer

Here at the beginning of a new month, with so many wonderful things happening over the next few weeks, this old story calls us to remember the abundant blessings that we have received from God.

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The Nationals at 100 Games

It is one of the best comebacks in the last century of play—the Nationals are one of only two teams that have started so poorly and yet improved enough to post 54 wins, 46 losses at 100 games.

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Life after Armstrong

If I have a wish on this 50th anniversary, it is that some of that wonder and awe would express itself in how we view each other and how we care for this planet, our only home.

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Lessons from the Women’s World Cup Champions

This column is about teamwork. As an organization, the US Women’s National Soccer Team can help us focus our attention on the role of committed and energetic teamwork in the pursuit of achieving our mission and goals.

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The Self-evident Celebration

In the great tradition of Abraham Lincoln, let us not allow the July 4 celebrations to be mostly about firecrackers. Let us instead recall and reclaim the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

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