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Mission Matters Most

Our institutions, our people, our procedures, our technology, our strategies, our hearts and minds and hands—everything is in service to this one great calling: “Adventist HealthCare extends God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing.” 

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Looking Ahead

Closing up the book on 2018, and looking forward to 2019, I’ve got a checklist of things I’m carrying over into the new year.

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Christmas Blessings 2018

God speaks to my heart through the story of the first Christmas. May all of God’s richest blessings be born anew in this Christmas season.

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Silent Night

With just a few days until Christmas, perhaps it is not too late to reset the soundtrack. Jingle Bells can be pushed aside. I’m making room in my inner playlist for the promise and hope of a silent night.

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What makes a country strong? What makes a people great? How do we face a future that is uncertain and unknown?  Those were the questions that the funeral of President Bush asked us to think about.

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Lights in the Darkness

The blue lights of Hanukkah are symbolic of the unquenchable hopefulness that lights the human spirit, the faith that ennobles all of our communities, and the conviction that against all odds the candle that renews our hearts and lights our way forward in the world will keep burning. Even in times of tragedy and adversity.

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Thanksgiving 2018

May your holiday celebration this week be all about your treasures. May your feast include all your favorite things. May the seats at your table be filled with those you love and care for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Terror and Courage in Paradise

A unique situation of potential loss and death was transformed by their extraordinary courage and response. We are inspired and humbled—and challenged to renew our own commitment to seeing in every moment the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love through our care and service.

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