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Learning from Patrick

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday in honor of a man whose life is celebrated in Ireland and all over the world. Set aside the green beer and leprechauns for a minute—and think of the story of the man behind the legend.

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The Fullness Thereof

Each day, in every circumstance, our gracious God finds ways in which the fullness thereof comes shining through, making His presence felt and His power to heal known.

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The Power of Appreciation

Each day I find so much to appreciate in my colleagues. Each day I am challenged and encouraged by the passion you bring to Adventist HealthCare.

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Learning Gratitude from Opportunity

We are a team-based organization. When I think of our organization—the volunteers, physicians, nurses, clinicians, community partners, and the whole range of our employees—I am thankful and appreciative for the passion and purpose of our entire team.

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It’s Freezing!

On Thursday morning, the temperature gauge on the dashboard read 2°. By any reckoning, that’s cold! We’ll get through this. Right now we are huddled together like one big freezing family.

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What’s on Your Keyring?

What’s on your keyring? What do you value so much that you always have it with you? What are the essentials that you must bring along—or the reminders of commitments you’ve made or experiences you want to always remember?

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Mission Matters Most

Our institutions, our people, our procedures, our technology, our strategies, our hearts and minds and hands—everything is in service to this one great calling: “Adventist HealthCare extends God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing.” 

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Health Risk Assessments

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