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Time to Act (Vote)

We must speak out and act with courage against the language of hate. These words are our best legacy, contain our best ideas, and state our highest goals. Now is the time to proclaim and live them. Vote.

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Not Alone!

In his book about the Shepherd’s Psalm, Rabbi Harold Kushner writes, “God does not, God cannot promise us happy endings in a world where laws of nature and human cruelty take their daily toll. God’s promise is not that we will be safe, but that we will never be alone.”

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Remembering Yorktown

What’s our motivation? What gets us up in the morning? What battles are we committed to winning? Why do they matter? Those are the questions that the heroes of Yorktown ask of us today, and every day.

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Get the Screening

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer...

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Fear the Pumpkin

Perhaps someday in the distant future there will be an investigation into how it all happened....

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In Praise of Trees

The ground is super-saturated with water right now—with more rain on the way—and unfortunately it...

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Health Risk Assessments

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