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American Diabetes Month 2019

Although diabetes is not curable, it can be treated and managed with proper medication. Healthy lifestyle changes and habits such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, getting regular exercise and not smoking can help to prevent diabetes.

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Halloween Fun & Safety

Although Halloween is full of fun, it is important to be prepared and protected from the dangers that often come with the holiday festivities.

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Get Your Flu Shot

Cold and flu season is approaching. It’s important to take steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Nurse Rose shares the importance of getting vaccinated.

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What You Need to Know About Vaping

A popular, yet harmful trend for many teenagers and young adults is vaping. Recently, scientists and healthcare providers are starting to see the health effects caused by e-cigarettes.

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Flu Vaccines

Influenza, or the “flu” is a potentially serious disease that impacts millions of people every year. Although it is very common and contagious, getting an annual flu vaccine is a highly effective way to prevent getting the flu.

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Women’s Health and Wellness

Women tend to take care of everyone else and put their own health on the backburner. Try these tips from Nurse Rose Melendez, RN, to put your health first!

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Health Risk Assessments

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